Jailbreak IphoneWith the iPhone being one of the hottest commodities in the cell phone market, it comes as
no surprise that more people these days want to go in for it. After all, it is not just a regular
phone and for many, it represents the pinnacle of innovation. By seamlessly integrating
user friendly software with stunning hardware, Apple has made the unimaginable happen.
Saying that this phone revolutionized the mobile industry would not be an exaggeration. In
fact, one of the many things that caught up just as wildly as the iPhone did was the ability
to jailbreak iPhone.

Doing it on your own

Although still not completely as far ahead as one might think of it to be, the ability to
jailbreak iPhone on your own is not really that hard to conceive. If you are comfortable
with getting around the iPhone and knowing how to tweak with its settings, you should have
no issues in trying to jailbreak the device. The steps for doing it are pretty much clear and
easy to follow. Hence, in this way, you should be able to easily initiate the jailbreak and get
everything going like you might have anticipated. Read the rest of this entry

Jailbreak vs Unlocking

Before you do anything to your phone you have to know what’s the difference between  jailbreak and unlocking.

  • Jailbreak is the process of getting to your phone’s system files (the files your cell phone manufacture doesn’t want you to have access to) so you can install 3rd party applications.
  • Unlocking is making your cell phone (e.g. Apple iPhone which currently operates on AT&T network ONLY) usable on other carrier networks.  An unlocked iPhone will allow you to use the phone on carriers other then AT&T.

Unless you want to go through the process of unlocking your phone using a hardware method, you’ll NEED to jailbroken your phone first before you can unlock it.